Slack introduces 'Sign in with Slack' option for developers

Slack has introduced a new sign-in option developers can add to their apps — 'Sign in with Slack.' With it, Slack users can use their Slack credentials to sign up for an app that supports it. This feature has the added benefit of keeping Slack teams connected with each other across other apps, says Slack, and brings with it a few benefits for developers, too.

The button, shown below, would let you (assuming you're a Slack user) sign up for/into a different app using your Slack account; doing so will automatically connect you with your Slack teammates who are also using the product, something that would be particularly beneficial for business apps, reducing hassle and downtime by making things fast and automatic.

As far as developers are concerned, adding the sign-in option requires only three steps, with Slack promising that it is simple. As well, Slack says it will manage two-factor authentication and SSO providers, requiring the developer to just implement OAuth. Developers can also "whitelist an entire Slack team," says the company, in order to simplify billing, among other things.

Are you a developer interested in adding the sign-in option? Slack has all the information you need here. Some companies are already on-board with the new feature, including Quip, which launched the option today. Signing in with Slack will pull up your team within Quip to keep everything neatly tucked together. Figma has also added the button.

SOURCE: Medium