Slack introduces new emoji reactions for 'liking' stuff

Most social networks give their users a way to show how they feel about a post or a status, such as adding a star or a heart or a thumbs up. Slack, the chatting app used by companies and individuals across the globe, has decided to add that kind of functionality but couldn't decide on what kind of symbol it wanted to use. Often times a simple thumbs-up isn't enough to express what a person is feeling, and so Slack has introduced a new feature called emoji reactions to take the functionality to a new level.

Emoji reactions are exactly what they sound like: a way for users to express how they feel about a message using an emoji. The user can click on the existing emoji under a status to show their reaction, or if none are available that express quite the right sentiment a different one can be added. Other users can then click on that added emoji or they, too, can add their own.

You can see an example of how this works in the GIF above. The idea is that a thumbs-up or a star is just a reaction, and one that comes to have a certain meaning in many users' minds. Emoji reactions are different — one can use a frowning face if it is appropriate, can use a lightning bolt, can use the poop emoji...whatever works for the message.

The emoji picker has been updated, as well, to make this process easier. The small icons are now grouped more sensibly so that you don't have to hunt for something that isn't where you think it should be. Recent Mentions has been updated, as well, so that reactions are included and easier to find.