Skyrim PS3 DLC European release dates outed by Bethesda

Eric Abent - Feb 4, 2013, 10:55am CST
Skyrim PS3 DLC European release dates outed by Bethesda

Last week, Bethesda announced North American release dates for the long-awaited collection of Skyrim PS3 DLC, but unfortunately, it didn’t have any news to give about European release dates. That all changed today, as Bethesda has updated its original post with release dates for Europe. As is usually the case for DLC, they’ll be hitting European PSN one day after the North America release.

This means Dragonborn will go live on February 13, with Hearthfire and Dawnguard following afterward with respective release dates of February 20 and February 27. That isn’t very bad at all, provided you can ignore the fact that Skyrim DLC was missing from PSN for months while Xbox 360 and PC players enjoyed it. Unfortunately, Bethesda says those with German, French, Italian, or Spanish editions of the game will have to wait a bit longer, as its currently finalizing a few things with Sony.

We still don’t know the exact cause of these delays, but we do know that Bethesda struggled quite a bit in bringing Skyrim‘s DLC to PS3. This, naturally, got a lot of fans upset, with many continuously asking Bethesda and VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines when the DLC was going to arrive. Until just recently, Bethesda wasn’t able to provide answers to those questions, making fans even more angry.

For now, these problems seem to be solved, but if there’s more DLC on the way, there’s no telling if Bethesda will experience the same problems. In any case, it’s good that Bethesda finally figured out its issues, since at one point it was suggesting that PS3 may never see Dawnguard if it couldn’t figure out how to get the DLC working. Are you going to buy Skyrim‘s DLC when it releases on PSN, or is this a case of too little, too late?

[via Bethesda]

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