Skype’s Upcoming Five Person Video Chat Will be Free to Start

Evan Selleck - May 5, 2010, 1:17pm CDT
Skype’s Upcoming Five Person Video Chat Will be Free to Start

Skype must realize that to stay on top of any kind of market, you need to keep adding features. After all, people get bored, and there’s certainly a lot of different ways to call people online nowadays. Thankfully the company knows this, and that’s why they’ve introduced a new group video chatting function, that’s going to go into a public Beta starting next week.

Right now, Skype allows for their users to participate in all sorts of free things. Like free calling, instant messaging, and video calls to other Skype members for free. However, if you feel the need to get a hold of someone not necessarily connected to Skype, you’ll have to pay a small amount to get in touch with them. When the group video chat launches next week, Skype has said that it will be free to start, but that the company has decided to charge a premium for the feature, along with others that they plan to unveil in the coming months.

The Beta is going to launch for customers on a Windows-based PC to start, but there’s going to be a Mac friendly version launched near the end of this year. Neil Stevens, General Manager of Skype’s consumer business segment, went on to say that this feature has been the most requested feature to date, so we imagine that’s why they’re finally bringing it to the masses.

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