Skypephone flying off of the shelves

Reece Bailey Schofield - Nov 19, 2007

British mobile phone provider 3, recently introduced a prepaid cellular phone powered by the popular Skype VoIP service. For a small minimum monthly payment of around £10, you can make unlimited Skype calls. Much to their surprise the phone has been selling out, and nearly impossible to find in most markets.

Representatives at 3 are promising more shipments to come, but with every shipment come more demand. I can understand the popularity of the Skypephone. Prepaid service is a good chunk of the market in the states right now, and it’s not cheap to keep a prepaid phone. Most services here have daily access fees, whether you use the phone or not plus whatever minutes you use. To pay only $20 a month to have access to unlimited Skype calling would be a huge hit anywhere it was released.

Let’s hope 3 picks up the shipping in the UK, and the major US cell phone companies pick up the fantastic idea.

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