Skype Protocol Cracked!

An unnamed Chinese company claim to have reverse engineered Skype's protocol and encryption. Charlie Paglee first reported this news on his blog after he has a conversation with the CEO of the unnamed Chinese company using Skype protocol without Skype application but his home brewed application that is still under development and expected to be made available in August. According to Charlie, the company that reverse engineered Skype's protocol has not broken any laws as Skype did not patent their protocol to avoid third party application from blocking their services which can be used by telcos in 3rd world countries.

Should Skype be worry? Defintely! When Skype is going to generate more revenue by using advertisement services in its application, a 3rd party Skype client could jeopardize that plan. Not only that, some telcos will finally be able to develop an application to block Skype from certain countries.