Skype For iPhone, iPad Adds Anti-Shake And Bluetooth Support

Skype released an update today for its iOS app that's compatible for both the iPhone and iPad. This version 3.5.84 introduces some new features, including anti-shake correction, Bluetooth support for hands-free calling, a bug fix for a security vulnerability, and also the less desirable inclusion of advertisements.

The new anti-shake correction for Skype is a software-based trick that helps to reduce the jitter effect from holding your iPhone or iPad in your hand or while you're walking. If you're on the go a lot and need to video chat, this new feature will certainly save your friends from motion sickness. The addition of Bluetooth support makes it even easier now to chat on the go as the updated app allows for hands-free video calling.

Although Skype did not specify which security vulnerability this update fixed, it may have something to do with the address book theft vulnerability revealed last week. That security loop hole allowed address book content to be swiped through the use of Javascript in Skype's chat messages.

The service remains free to use, but has now added advertisements, similar to what happened with the Skype 5.4 update for Mac. To get rid of the ads, you will have to sign up for Skype Credit, a premium subscription, or a calling subscription. The update is available now at Apple iTunes and requires iOS 4.0 or later.

[via TUAW]