Skype for iPad Released Today [Update: Yanked!]

Finally all of you Skype lovers out there can bring Skype to the fullest with the Skype for iPad app released just today on Apple's App Store, available for download now for free. This version of Skype is built specifically for iPad, able to call, video call, on instant message anyone back and forth using Skype's easiest to use interface yet! Skype Credit will work as well, allowing users to call mobile devices as well as landlines for what Skype Software notes are "really low rates." You can join Skype from your iPad or sign straight into your account, whichever applies to you.

If a user already has a Skype account, their Skype contacts will already be synced when they first sign in on the iPad app. If instead they've got a Skype account with no contacts (or if they've got any amount of contacts, of course,) they can add new contacts with a few taps of the screen. One touch call, video call, or messaging is set up instantly, and moving through recent calls and instant messages in one's Skype for iPad history is simple as well. This version of Skype works over Wi-Fi or 3G connections and is able to connect with the following devices: Skype on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, PC, Mac, and Skype on TVs. With such a large list we've got to also assume that this connection will work to and from Android devices – we'll get back to you on that one.

Users using Skype for iPad will be able to utilize both their front and back-facing cameras, showing off their face or whatever they're taking a look at in front of them. Skype for iPad enjoys "near CD quality" (SILK) sound, and instant messages do indeed include emoticons (welcome back to 1996!) Pay features include "Pay As You Go with Skype Credit" and subscription services via monthly payments, the former being great for occasional users, the latter made for heavier talkers.

Apple App Store links: [Skype for iPad] [Skype for iPhone / iPod touch]

What's required for this version if Skype? You'll need an iPad, first of all, then you'll need version 4.0 of iOS or higher. For front and back video chat, you'll of course need an iPad 2 as the first iPad features no such camera combo – on the other hand, should you download the regular version of Skype for your non-iPad Apple device, you can still receive video should you have no camera- this including the first generation iPad and the iPod touch 3rd Generation. Go get it now!

UPDATE: Skype has pulled the app for now – those lucky enough to have downloaded the app in the short bit it was up should not be surprised if issues arise. Skype tweets thusly tonight: