Skype For iOS Updates With Automatic Call Recovery, IM Improvements

Today Skype released an update for the iPhone and iPad, both of which are getting some exclusive new features. Both devices now have automatic call recovery, meaning that dropped calls will result in an automatic redialing right away. There's also a fix to IM conversations, that make them appear in the correct order this time around, and finally a new opt-in/out selector when registering in the app.

The iPhone version of the app now features emergency call routing right through the native dialer, and on the iPad, there's an improved UI that allows for a "simple swipe from the left of the screen to see your recent conversations in a sidebar." Plus, there's improved spacing and minor UI changes for the iPad mini.

Another new feature of the iPad version is the ability to add money to your Skype account from within the iPad app. This is mostly useful for those who don't really access Skype on their computer and want the iPad app to be fully-featured. However, this new feature is limited to only Estonia, France, Sweden, the UK, and the US for now.

Other than that, there were plenty of bugfixes in the update as well. These included incorrect timestamps, calls not ending, etc. Overall, the app should run a lot smoother now. Sadly, the Android version of Skype has not been updated with these features, but it just may be a matter of time before the dev team gets around to it.