Skype Classic will live on "for some time" after 8.0 redesign backlash

Last month, Microsoft unveiled Skype 8.0, a redesigned version of the product that would ultimately replace the Skype Classic version. Microsoft had announced a September 1 deadline for Skype users to update to version 8.0, after which date Classic would no longer be supported. Users have been vocal in their opposition to both the upcoming deadline and the Skype 8.0 redesign, prompting Microsoft to backtrack.

Skype 8.0 is a massive update for the product, which Microsoft intends to replace Skype 7.0 — "Classic," as the company is calling it. There are some things to like about the new version, including the addition of drag-and-drop file sharing, a chat gallery, @mentions, conversation reactions, 1080p video chatting, and more. You can read about all the new features here.

Microsoft's plan to end support for Skype Classic next month didn't go over well with users, though, some of whom aren't fond of the redesign and want more time to transition. For this reason, the company has announced that it will continue to support Classic "for some time" beyond the original September 1 deadline.

Microsoft announced the extension in its forums, where it says the decision was made due to customer feedback. Skype 7.0 will continue to be supported until this future date, one Microsoft hasn't yet provided. "Thanks for all your comments — we are listening," the company says, advising customers to continue watching the post for future updates.

Of course, resistant users will eventually need to update to the newer version of the software. However, by extending the support deadline, Microsoft is providing users with more time to get used to the product, as well as submit feedback that may result in updates customers want to see.

SOURCE: Thurrott