Skype back to 90% core functionality; offers free calltime [Video]

Skype's ongoing connection issues continue to work their way to full functionality, with the VoIP and video conferencing service now claiming to have 90-percent of their normal users back online. So far, the company has prioritized audio, video and IM; online IM and group video calling are going to take a little longer to resurface. Skype has said it does not believe the issue was caused by a malicious attack, and is offering users free call time to make up for the service failure.

Pay-as-you-go and pre-pay users will get a Skype credit voucher via email, while active subscribers will get a week's worth of extra subscription added onto the end of their account. Skype has apparently addressed the downtime by pushing out a number of its own supernodes, the connection-managing route databases on which the P2P service is reliant, and which Skype has suggested have caused the unexpected problems.