Skype and Qik Hint At Video Calling Partnership With AT&T

Skype and Qik jointly announced at MWC 2011 that they plan on further integrating their technologies to help improve Qik's video calls on Sprint and T-Mobile devices and develop Skype's video calling solution for the Verizon LTE network. However, during the talk, Skypes's head of consumer product management, Rick Osterloh, hinted at the possibility of bringing Skype's video calling to AT&T devices. "Let's watch out for some announcements there," said Osterloh when asked about pursuing a relationship with AT&T as a video calling partner.

Video calling is still a bit shaky at this point, but Skype is already working on a new solution for Verizon's LTE phones that should see smoother calls. "LTE is a significant technology change, and it moves both network capacity and throughput way up by almost an order of magnitude," said Osterloh,

The new vision for the two companies involves integrating Skype's video call technology with Qik's video mail, video sharing, and live streaming capabilities. "Over time, we're going to merge all these technologies together, but it's going to take a little while," said Osterloh.

[Via PCMag]