Skype 4.6 rolls out for iPad and iPhone, offers calling redesign

Skype has rolled out version 4.6 of its iPad and iPhone app, bringing with it several improvements, fixes, and a newly redesigned calling "experience." General improvements and fixes aside, users will find that some common complaints have been corrected as well, including the issue with dial pad/in-call buttons displaying incorrectly during a call.

The updated call screen features a more polished design that is easy on the eyes and appealing while the functionality is mostly the same as what users are familiar with. Those who have used the app regularly will notice the change immediately, while others who haven't used it for awhile will notice that things "feel" cleaner and more modern.

The redesign aside, there have been a number of problems solved, such as conversations now showing up in the correct order. Messages in conversations won't be listed as edited unless they actually have been when the save button is pressed, making it easier to keeps tabs on things. In addition, the popover being dismissed from the incoming call screen, and cursor focus has been fixed for text editing in the profile.

VoiceOver is now applicable for reading more than before, including unread message labels (only for the iPad, however), as well as the "+" button, the "Show side bar" button, and "Skype Terms of Use." Another nice tweak deals with picture preview with file transfer; the image will be displayed in the proper rotation for both incoming and outgoing.

There are a few issues, however, two with conversations and three with VoiceOver. In conversations, the last scroll position isn't saved and users have to log in again to see the Chat/SMS button if the contact added a phone number to its profile during a chat. With VoiceOver, there are problems with incorrect readings of chat text labels, background items can be selected when the left side bar is at the top, and unread messages can't be read on the iPhone. Fixes are in progress for all of them.

[via Skype]