Skylanders Trap Team lets gamers capture digital bad guys

One of the most popular game franchises that Activision has to its credit is Skylanders. The game franchise allows kids to bring real life action figures to life in the game by placing them on a portal. A new Skylanders game is now up for pre-order called Skylanders Trap Team and it has a new twist that is a first for the franchise.

As you could in past Skylanders games, the player will be able to turn their real action figures into characters in the game. The new wrinkle here is that the player will be able to use a special trap attached to the portal to capture bad guys in the game and bring them into the real world. Once captured in the trap, the gamer can send them back to the game world where the bad guys will fight for good.

Before the villains can be captured in the trap, players will have to defeat them in the game. One of the cooler things about the game is that players will be able to hear the captured villains inside the trap. Tag team fighting is also possible with the ability to change between the Skylander hero and the captured villain on the fly in the game.

Kids will also be able to take their Skylanders action figures and traps with captured bad guys to a friend's house to use them in the game as well. Skylanders Trap Team will launch on October 5. Players will need to get a new starter pack for this game since the portal needs the trap to be attached. Extra traps can be purchased along with the game characters. Starter packs are coming for all major consoles and will cost $74.99.

SOURCE: Skylanders