Skylanders Trap Team given Apple Store blessing

This winter you're going to be seeing a rather sizable box at Apple Stores with the word SKYLANDERS plastered across its face. This box is the Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Pack, and it'll be hitting Apple Stores across the United States as of this week. This Skylanders Trap Team game will be one of the very few 3rd-party games showcased at Apple Stores by Apple, and certainly the only tablet-focused game setup ready to bring console-level gameplay to the iPad Air and iPad mini.

What you're seeing here is the Skylanders Trap Team tablet pack set up with an NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. If you'd like to see what that's all about, head to our Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack Review. This system works with any Android or iOS tablet just so long as it meets minimum specifications.

Basically any iPad or Android tablet from the past several years will do*, but you'll want the most recent generation iPad mini or iPad Air – or SHIELD Tablet – to make the most of this powerful gaming experience.

This game is aimed mostly at kids, but the experience is difficult to deny for any age. You'll set your tablet up with the portal you see here, turn the game on, turn the portal on, and you're on your way.

Unlike some platforms, this one connects wirelessly instantly. The game itself does the connecting – you don't have to go into your settings or anything.

*UPDATE: Activision has made clear that the Skylanders Trap Team experience works best with the following iPads:

• iPad 3rd Gen (first with retina display)

• iPad 4th Gen (first with Lightning connector)

• iPad mini (with Retina display)

• iPad mini 3

• iPad Air

• iPad Air 2

The Skylanders Trap Team app is available in the App Store for iPad right this minute. Check it out, get addicted, then get an upgrade with the full Tablet Starter Kit.