Skylanders Swap Force Coming To Nintendo 3DS

It's been a while since we talked about Skylanders Swap Force video game. Activision announced back in February that the video game would be launching this fall. With fall very nearly here, some new details about Swap Force have surfaced including the fact that it's coming to the Nintendo 3DS this fall.

The 3DS version of Skylanders Swap Force will offer a unique adventure with its very own story, levels, and special starter pack characters. The 3DS version of the game will ship with its own portal, three starter characters that are all new, and the game.

The starter characters include Rattle Shake, Volcanic Eruptor, and Free Ranger. Those three starter pack characters are not found in any other Skylanders Starter Pack. The idea there is to get gamers to purchase the console version and the 3DS version to provide four Swap Force Skylanders providing 16 different possible combinations.

The portable console version of the game begins in Boomtown during a celebration as a new bad guy sneaks in to kidnap Cali. The new villain is Count Moneybone and players will venture out to defeat him and save Cali. The key feature of the Swap Force characters is that players can switch the top and bottom halves of the toys to create more than 250 unique combinations. The game is also compatible with toys from Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders Giants. Skylanders Swap Force 3DS will launch on October 13 in North America.

SOURCE: Activision