SkyDrive app for Android Launches

Microsoft announced a few weeks ago that it intended to offer a new SkyDrive app for Android smartphone users. Microsoft has announced that as of yesterday the app is now available for download. The Android version of the app is similar to the apps available for Windows Phone and iOS devices according to Microsoft.

The new app is one of the key features in making SkyDrive files accessible from all devices. Microsoft designed the Android app to keep the same intuitive SkyDrive experience while using Android design patterns and conventional Android interactions. Using those Android interactions allows the app to be comfortable and natural to use and navigate for Android users.

The Android app is designed to work with Android 4.0 for the best experience, but it's functional on Android 2.3 and higher. The Android app allows users to access documents, photos, and other files stored on their SkyDrive. Users can also view recently used documents.

The app allows multiple photos or videos to be uploaded from the Android smartphone or tablet. Users can also share files and photos by sending a link via e-mail or in other apps. SkyDrive files can be opened from within other Android applications and folders can be deleted or created from within the app.