SkyBell Plug-in Camera mounts directly over a wall outlet

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 12, 2018
SkyBell Plug-in Camera mounts directly over a wall outlet

SkyBell has announced a new security camera simply called the Plug-in Camera. That names hints at the camera’s most notable feature: it plugs into the wall. Yes, every camera plugs into the wall, but SkyBell’s new model is a bit different. You don’t mount the Plug-in Camera somewhere and then plug it into the wall using a long charging cable; rather, the camera itself installs directly over an outlet by plugging into it.

The SkyBell Plug-in Camera makes simplicity a primary focus, with installation taking only seconds, according to the company. Users plug it directly into the wall, where it resides facing outward toward the room. A button on the front of the camera is a simple way to trigger recording, making it a better choice for tech-inept individuals.

The camera can be used for security or for general home monitoring; it can also be used in conjunction with SkyBell’s doorbells. The camera works with a mobile app, of course, so that the user can get push notifications when the camera detects motion. Someone near the camera can trigger recording by pressing the button on the front of it.

SkyBell bills this as a suitable setup for elder and childcare, enabling caregivers to keep an eye on their loved ones while away. Those loved ones, on their side of the camera, can trigger an alert and get the camera owner’s attention by pressing the button to trigger recording. The camera also has audio support so that users can communicate through it.

In addition to announcing the Plug-in Camera, which will ship in the first quarter of this year, SkyBell has also announced that it is now part of the Works with Google Home platform. This means Google Home customers can control their SkyBell device using Google’s assistant and IoT device. This includes triggering silent mode and starting recordings.


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