Sky watchers get Venusian treat over the next few days

Amateur astronomers will be treated to an interesting night sky this week, and into the weekend as Venus and Jupiter pass each other in the night sky. Over the next few days, the two planets will reach their closest point in the night sky. The closest point between the two planets will be on March 13 with the two remaining relatively close in the sky from March 9 through March 17.

Obviously, in space, the two planets are very far from each other but in our night sky, they will appear close. Venus will be seen as the brighter of the two with Jupiter appearing to move past it. The conjunction of the two planets will be broadcasted via the Slooh telescope network live on the Internet starting at 2:30 GMT.

Sky watchers will also want to keep an eye out later in the month as the moon returns to the night sky near the planets, appearing to move up and over the planetary duo. The big event for amateur astronomers will occur this year in early June when Venus appears from some locations on earth to pass in front of the sun.

[via BBC]