Sky offers free flicks to Sky+HD Party hosts

Shane McGlaun - Nov 1, 2010
Sky offers free flicks to Sky+HD Party hosts

If you are a Sky+HD subscriber the company is leaning on you to impress your friends with some awesome HD movie action by offering customers a free flick to watch with three friends if those pals accept your invite online. Sky is calling the offer the Sky+HD Party.

Users have to go to the Sky+HD Party website, enter their account number and then invite three friends online. Those three pals have to accept the online invitations to come watch the movie and once accepted you will get your choice of three new release HD flicks from Sky box Office HD. That free flick will save you 3.91 pounds.

You will also get a 10 pound M&S voucher for some other items for your party. There are three specific flicks that you can use the voucher for including Inception, Sex and the City 2 and Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. The movies will be shown from Friday November 10 to Sunday December 12. The special deal is good for the first 19,000 users who sign up.

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