Skullcandy unveils PLYR2 wireless gaming headset

Skullcandy has announced the launch of its latest gaming headset, the PLYR2. This device is wireless, and compatible with whatever your gaming preference is: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or computer/mobile. This is one of the two units in Skullcandy's newly launched series of gaming headsets, the second of which will be available next year.

The headset's most boast-able feature is its wireless connectivity, allowing gamers to eschew the shackles of wired connections. The device runs at 2.4GHz and offers the company's Supreme Sound proprietary system, which aims to provide overall better audio clarity. The boom mic is adjustable with a mute mode that can be toggled on and off, while three different EQ modes provide an adaptable listening experience.

Skullcandy's Vice President of Marketing and Creative Nate Morley offered this statement. "The crossover between sport and gaming has been growing for decades and has gotten to a point where the two are nearly inseparable – gamers love action sports and sportsmen love to game. This is why we're developing new cutting-edge products, such as the SLYR, PLYR2 and PLYR1 which are both authentic to the Skullcandy ethos and can comfortably live and play in both worlds."

You can pick up the PLYR2 now in black, white, or teal featured in the image above for $129.00 at, or via one of its retailers, including Gamestop and Besy Buy. If the PLYR2 is a bit out of your price range, you can grab the SLYR (wired) headset for $79.99. Early next year, Skullcandy will be launching the PLYR1 headset, which will offer 2.4GHz wireless audio/Dolby Surround Sound 7.1.