Sketchbook for tattoo artists has synthetic skin pages

Imagine someone asks if you would like to see some of their artwork, but when they start flipping through their sketchbook you realize there is something unusual about it: the pages appear to be made of skin. Such is the nature of a new sketchbook designed specifically for tattoo artists, giving them the chance to practice or develop new pieces on life like synthetic skin rather than practicing on a person or less-than-ideal objects like oranges and pieces of leather.

The sketchbook was commissioned by Tattoo Art Magazine and created by Lew'Lara TBWA, an ad agency in Brazil. The result is an attractive looking sketchbook that differs from ordinary sketchbooks due to the pages, which are made of synthetic skin that can be tattoo'd like regular skin.

The pages feature subtle printing that makes the pages appear to be different parts the body — the knuckles, for example, as well as a man's chest and what appear to be the back top to bottom. This allows the artist to both practice sketches and practice tattooing the designs onto specific parts of the body.

The sketchbook is called a "SkinBook". It isn't clear if the book is available at this point or if it was just a project to check out interest. Regardless, watch the video above to see it for yourself!

SOURCE: Gizmodo