Sixense Truemotion 3D controller is super responsive

When the Wii came out, all anyone could talk about was the Wiimote and how much fun it was to physically interact with a game. But it was not without its flaws. In fact, it had problems in the area of sensitivity. However, this new Truemotion 3D system from Sixense takes motion control up to the next level.

This system utilizes magnetic field detection to track the position of the controllers and how your hands are positioned on them. It tracks the information in full 3D with a 10 millisecond refresh rate. This is impressive stuff, here. In fact, it adds a much greater sense of realism to the process of interacting with objects within a game.

What's really exciting is that EA and Activision are interested in this new tech showed off by Sixense. This means we might actually see it appear in a real product someday. In the meantime, check out an awesome demo video below: