Six good reasons to get Fallout 4's Season Pass before March

In case you missed it earlier, Bethesda has started outlining their DLC plans for Fallout 4. The base game has enough content to keep you busy for a good long while (you could probably play forever, if Preston had his way), but it's time to look at some new locations and get some fresh quests. Unfortunately, the announcement came with some bad news.

While the DLC sounds exciting, Bethesda apparently miscalulated somewhere, and either they're wanting to charge more for the DLC that they've been planning all along, or they've decided that they just want to keep making even more content. Either way, they announced that the price of the Season Pass will be raised from $30 to $50.

There are two pieces of good news that come along with this, however. The first is that the price increase won't take place until March 1st. That's right, they did us a solid, and gave fair warning. Now we have some time to cash in our caps, before the price goes up by 40%.

The other bit of good news is that the guys over at Green Man Gaming currently have a sitewide promo code that will knock 20% off of any single purchase. If you should use that on the Fallout 4 Season Pass, that'll knock down the price to $24, which is less than half of what it will be, come next month. Just head over to the Season Pass page, add it to your cart and use the discount code below: