Six Californias Plan would make Silicon Valley its own state

Technology investor Tim Draper has a plan that would turn the state of California into six separate states. Draper says that he is submitting a polished version of his plan to the California Attorney general. The proposal to the state is in the form of a ballot proposition proposal.

Draper says there are five reasons that splitting into six states is a good idea. He says that it would allow California to be represented "properly" in Washington with more Senators. That means a better chance of getting laws California wants passed. Draper also says that the split would encourage more competition.

He also says that each new state could start fresh with a more relevant constitution. Draper thinks that having multiple states in the new California region would let decisions be more relevant to the population.

The move would make Silicon Valley its own state. Southern California would also get its own state as would West California among others. West California would include Santa Barbara and LA. The chances of this ever happening are slim. It's also worth noting that many in Texas have the same idea for their state.

SOURCE: TechCrunch