Six Android tablets from Augen break cover

Shane McGlaun - Oct 8, 2010
Six Android tablets from Augen break cover

The tablet market is going to be getting crowded soon. Strangely while Google says that current versions of Android aren’t suitable for tablets and large makers like LG ware waiting, smaller players are putting tablets with current version of the OS on the market or are at least planning to. Augen is moving ahead with six tablets that will pack in Android 2.2 with some updatable to Android 3 later.

The new machines start with the Latte line with a basic machine using a 7-inch 800 x 480 screen that is resistive and sells for $199. An updated Latte Grande for $50 more gets you an 800Mhz CPU inside, 7-inch 800 x 600 screen, accelerometer, compass, and a light sensor. The Espresso series are upgradable to the next version of Android and will have WiFi, Bluetooth, 3MP camera, accelerometer, compass, and a light sensor inside. The base unit has a 7-inch screen with 800 x 600 res, 1GHz A9 CPU, 8GB of flash storage, microSDHC slot and sell for $349.

An upgraded Espresso Dolce has a larger 10.2-inch multitouch screen at 1024 x 768, 1GHz A9 CPU, 8GB of storage, and sells for $429. The coolest of all the machines is the Espresso Doppio and is the tablet that converts into a netbook you see in images here. It dual boots Android and Ubuntu Linux, has a 10.2-inch multitouch screen 1GHz A9 CPU, WiFi, dual USB ports, trackpad, 160GB HDD and more for $599. The odd Espresso Firma is a 7-inch screen, 600MHz dual-core CPU tablet selling for $349 that has a pen that claims to put what you write on the paper beside it onto the tablet.

Via Android Community

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