Sitpack portable 'resting device' turns your body into a tripod

Have you ever been out in public, forced to stand in long lines, wishing you had a place to sit? The answer is probably yes, and that's why we've seen various portable seating contraptions over the years, most of them unwieldy and unpopular. Here to challenge that norm is a new 'portable resting device' called Sitpack, and while it serves as a kinda-chair, it basically functions as a kickstand for your butt.

Sitpack is small when fully collapsed — small enough to shove in your back pocket, for example, or into a purse or a shoulder bag. The idea here is that if you're looking for a portable way to rest while out, you're not going to want the burden of carrying around a big folding chair. This is something you can toss in your bag and forget about until you need it.

When opened, the resting device pulls out in a telescoping fashion, forming a long, tapered single pole with a T-shaped seat at the top. Wedge that T-shape under your backside, place the pole firmly on the ground, and you can now lean back to rest as if you're a human tripod. The company behind the product presents a variety of usage scenarios for its device, such as taking breaks while hiking, resting while fishing, pausing to catch your breath after exercising, and more.

Overall, the product weighs only about one-and-a-quarter pounds, and it measures 16.8 x 6.7cm in size when collapse (height x diameter). The bottom of the telescoping armature features a rubber foot grip, while the height of the pole itself is adjustable to between 65 and 87cm. The contraption has a maximum weight limit of 100kg. The device is available now from the company's website for £45.

SOURCE: Sitpack