SiriusXM Premier is now free, but only until May 15

SiriusXM, the company best known for its satellite radio service, is the latest to offer extended free access to its product for people stuck home in quarantine. The company has made its streaming service available for free until May 15; during this time, new users can access the platform and stream music, as well as the company's talk shows and more, without paying for a subscription.READ: SiriusXM kicks off 2020 MLB season with classic game broadcasts

Though streaming services are plentiful, SiriusXM still has a bit more to offer customers compared to many services — namely, talk shows, comedy, and extensive sports content. Ordinarily, you would need a certain minimum subscription in order to access this content, but that requirement has been scrubbed until May 15.

If you head over to the SiriusXM website using the link in the tweet below, you'll be able to access a free preview of the platform, then proceed to sign up for an account if you want to continue. Users get access to shows like Fight Nation, PAC 12 Radio, the Howard Stern Show, Coronavirus Daily Briefings, Netflix is a Joke Radio, Andy Cohen Live, Radio Classics, and more.

The service supports a number of products; in addition to supported car radios and mobile devices, SiriusXM's audio streaming service is available on a number of popular consumer products, including Sonos speakers, Apple TV, Amazon Alexa devices, Google Nest and Home speakers, Bose speakers, and Roku home entertainment products.

The SiriusXM Premier plan typically costs $13/month for ad-free access to music, as well as Xtra channels, a pair of dedicated Howard Stern channels, SiriusXM videos, talk and sports channels, and 24/7 comedy channels, among other things. This tier has more features than the SiriusXM Essential plan, which is cheaper at $8/month, but without Howard Stern and more.