SiriusXM On Demand for iOS now available

It looks like SiriusXM is ready to start providing its content in a way people will be more receptive to, today announcing the launch of SiriusXM On Demand. The company says that over 200 shows and 2,000 hours of content will be available from its network on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Better yet, the app will be available at no extra cost to existing SiriusXM subscribers, so if you happen to miss your favourite show while on the road, you can fire up the app and listen later without worrying about the costs.

Sirius also says it will be making older content available, including its exclusive shows, specials, and series, and new Featured Content will give users a broader access to the library available to them, including interviews and new shows, and users will naturally have access to Sirius' most popular shows, including The Howard Stern Show, The Opie & Anthony Show, The Jamie Foxx Show, and Ask Martha.

"Vault" content will include various Town Halls with artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Usher, Coldplay, and Nirvana. Users will be able to store On Demand content for a limited time on their mobile devices too, so you could load up a few shows for offline listening when you're next without an internet connection.

Notifications are also onboard, pushing new alerts when shows are updated or added. The only drawback is that commercials will still be added into the On Demand content, although Sirius says the interruptions will be "minimal" on select shows, while music programming will have no commercials at all. There's no Android version of the app yet either, but the company says it's coming in the near future.