Siri default music app update released with iOS 14.5

This week Apple added a long-awaited feature to Siri, allowing a default music app choice for all users. This update will allow users to set a default music app when first requesting a play of a new track of music. This update arrives courtesy of the latest iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 delivered to users this week.

If you are part of the iOS Beta software program, you'll want to make sure you have the latest iOS loaded to your device right this minute. Head to Settings – General – Software Update to check. Once you know you've loaded iOS 14.5 public beta, you can request the play of a music track and begin the default music service selection process.

Once the user requests that a song be played, Siri will ask which music service it should use. The user will get a list of options, just so long as the user has more than a single music service loaded to their iPhone or iPad.

This music selection default setup seems to be less-than-perfect at the moment, as it seems to aim for Podcast apps and Apple Books, too. In the future, we expect Apple's Siri default selection process will include a default for Podcasts, a default for Music, and a default for audiobooks.

This process works when the user suggests that Siri "play [music track] in [pre-set location]" with Apple Home smart speakers as well. In the future, setting a default music app should stick until switched – for now, it may revert to Apple Music from time to time. Such is the nature of a bit of Beta software – be ready to troubleshoot!

Take a peek at the timeline of updates with iOS 14 below, too. This update will change the way you handle some of the basics, so make sure you know what's up.