Siri controls Spotify in new iPhone 4S mod

The Siri hacks continue, with Apple's voice control system now capable – unofficially at least – of managing Spotify on your desktop. The handiwork of mobile developer Simon Maddox, the plugin reacts to natural artist requests, such as "Spotify, play me some Nirvana", and automatically queues up songs.

As well as creating playlists, it's also possible to use the system to control actual playback. Saying "pause," "play the next song," "play the previous song" and "what song is this?" is all supported; the plugin Maddox released uses the same SiriProxy software as we saw controlling Plex media playback among other things.

You can grab the relevant Spotify for SiriProxy files here, and Maddox has released them as open-source if you fancy a tinker. Obviously you'll need an iPhone 4S in order to actually use Siri, since the whole proxy system relies on Apple's remote servers crunching your spoken commands.