Siri assistant on iPhone 4S gets real world demo

Apple is promising a revolutionary voice-control experience with the native Siri personal assistant feature for iOS 5 on the iPhone 4S. We've seen Siri demoed at the Let's Talk iPhone event last week along with a slick commercial preview of the feature in action, but now we've got a new video from Stuff.TV that shows it functioning impressively well in the real world.

Despite plenty of background noise, Siri works as intended, opening up websites, sending emails and text messages, checking the weather, setting up wake-up times for the alarm clock, and doing currency conversions all via simple voice commands. And these commands aren't robotic 'yes' and 'no' or single word commands you might be used to with automated answering services, instead these are natural-sounding sentences.

Siri also didn't seem to have a problem understanding various accents, as the folks in some parts of the video were British. Instead of the standard American female voice, Siri seemed to automatically switch to a British male voice when the user spoke with a British accent. You can watch the full video below as well as the original preview video from Apple below that.

[via Cult of Mac]