Single-Left Handed Wireless XBox 360 Controller

Trae McNeely - Dec 4, 2006
Single-Left Handed Wireless XBox 360 Controller

Another modification, gotta love it. It’s the single-handed wireless XBox 360 Controller mod built for a serviceman injured in the Iraq War. The controller is built for left-handed individuals so it should please the lefties out there. When you tilt the controller against your leg it functions as the right analog stick so it’s optimal for nearly every game out there. While this controller is built specifically for lefties, it can be used for those who prefer the right hand. Every single function can be executed and the remote is ergonomically designed so it should fit perfectly.

Due to the confinements and design the buttons were either moved or created but functionality remains the same. This fine piece of technology was created by Ben Heckendorn. He is also responsible for the watercooler XBox 360 laptop. The top photo is the front and the second is the back of the controller. I don’t need it, but kudos to the creator.

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