Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer goes red, blue, and black

Chris Burns - Mar 6, 2014
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer goes red, blue, and black

The first of a series of trailers for the second film in a series of films is out today: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, bringing you just as much black and white and red violence as the first release. This film will continue to explore the lives of the wild and dangerous inhabitants of Basin City. This film will center on four stories, two of which come essentially direct from comic book runs with the same name.

As the original creator of Sin City is behind the script writing of this film – direction as well (alongside Robert Rodriguez) – the other two segments not taken direct from comics are considered canon as well. With Frank Miller behind the wheel, both The Long Bad Night and The Fat Loss are original stories while A Dame to Kill For and Just Another Saturday Night are set to be more or less replicated from their original paper pages.

This film will star Bruce Willis as John Hartigan and Jessica Alba as Nancy Callahan, reprising their roles in The Fat Loss – as a follow-up to That Yellow B*****d from the 2005 film. Josh Brolin will star as Dwight McCarthy (before he had his face redone, as mentioned in the 2005 film). Jamie Chung will play Miho, and Rosario Dawson will reprise her role as Gail.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will take on the roll of Johnny while Eva Green will roll as Ava Lord. Jaime King will reprise her roll as Goldie and her twin sister Wendy, while Mickey Rourke will again take on Marv. This film will also introduce Lady Gaga as The Waitress and Jeremy Piven as Bob.

Bob was originally played by Michael Madsen and is being replaced by Piven for unknown reasons. Devon Aoki originally played Miho but could not reprise her role because of her pregnancy at the start of production.


Both Brittany Murphy and Michael Clarke Duncan were in Sin City as Shellie and Manute, respectively – as they’ve both passed away since the film was released in 2005, Dennis Haysbert has taken over Duncan’s role, while it’s unclear at the moment whether or not the character of Shellie will appear in the film.

This film will be released in full on August 22nd, 2014. Until then it’s quite likely we’ll see our fair share of teasers, clips, and full-fledged trailers galore.

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