Simpsons arcade machine rebooted for home play, 30 years later

The people at Arcade1Up revealed a new full-sized arcade machine this week, 30 years after its first launch. The Simpsons Konami arcade game is the title you very possibly played back in the year 1991 – the one where you could be Homer, Marge, Bart, or Lisa. This game allows you to smack and bash your way through wave after wave of Simpsons TV show enemies, here in the year 2021, in a cabinet very similar to that of the original.

The people at Arcade1Up revealed The Simpsons retro arcade "cabinet" this week with details that vary from the original in a few key ways. This device has a 17-inch LCD where the original had a 27-inch LCD, the original was 36.5 X 41 X 71.5-inches and this one is 24 x 11.25 x 48-inches, and... the new one connects to the internet.

Internet connectivity with this game means that users can play along with friends online – as they play on their own Simpsons home arcade machine, also connected to the internet.

The original Simpsons arcade cabinet is massive and made for an actual mall arcade. This new model is made for home use – it's not toy-sized, but it's not the massive machine you might remember from your wild youth. This means it'll be easier to ship to stores and potentially ready to buy by the average consumer. It also means it won't cost you thousands of dollars to purchase.

Given the prices of the other Arcade1Up home arcade machines on the market today, it's safe to assume we'll be several hundred dollars under $1k with this Simpsons box. Pre-orders for The Simpsons home arcade machine begin on Monday, August 16, 2021, at the Arcade1Up website.