Simple.TV’s connected DVR shipping in June

Cory Gunther - Mar 22, 2012
Simple.TV’s connected DVR shipping in June

Simple.TV’s cord cutting DVR was unveiled this year at CES although didn’t receive its fair share of attention. They’ve been calling it a cord-cutting DVR for the fact that it can connect right to basic cable connection, or remoted onto a connected smart TV. According to PCMag we expect to see the Simple.TV hit the market sometime this June.

While it doesn’t necessarily cut cords for the fact that it doesn’t even offer WiFi and users will need to connect to an Ethernet, it does offer tons of ways to save money on traditional things like getting rid of a cable subscription. There are a few catches however. The box will be $149 but users that want to record will be required to pay a $4.99 fee to use said service, and even need to own something such as an external hard drive that can be connected via USB 2.0 or record to their network.

Not only can the Simple.TV record shows and do everything else a DVR does, but it also comes equipped with and doubles as a TV tuner. There is one big difference with Simple.TV from most of their competition. They don’t offer standard HDMI outputs or internal storage. Instead users can connect to their home wireless networks to stream content to their devices, including home PC’s and laptops. With no HDMI out you’ll need a Google TV, Roku, Boxee or other connected devices to have full capabilities. You could compare the Simple.TV to the Slingbox, as it offers similar features.

The Simple.TV will record your favorite shows, store them, and stream them back to TV’s, PC’s, iPad’s and more when you’re ready to enjoy the content. Again, expect the Simple.TV to land this June priced around $149.

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