Simple fix for your X-plorer whammy bar

I'm sure there are plenty of you out there that have experienced the whammy bar issues that I've mentioned before. Yes, Red Octane has admitted that there is an issue. But for some of us, the solution is not as easy as returning the guitar for a new one. My local Walmart is still sold out. So why not just fix the problem yourself?

Apparently, the issue can be fixed without even voiding your warranty (if you care). All you need to do is remove the black screws from the back of the guitar. Then loosen the two screws on the sensor, very slightly rotate it clockwise and tighten the screws back up. Screw the back on again and you're done. Then if that doesn't work, you might think about returning it.

On an interesting note, on the inside of the guitar one of the chips clearly has the word "pedal" stamped above the wires that lead to the RJ-11 jack. I think we can safely assume that there's no question about what it will be used for.

Faulty Guitar Hero II Controller Fix [via gizmodo]