SimCity Hosting Another Closed Beta On February 16

EA and Maxis are gearing up for another closed beta for their upcoming SimCity reboot. The companies hosted the first closed beta late last month, and now they're going for a second round. The beta will begin at 9 am ET on Saturday, February 16 and will run until 9 am ET on Sunday, February 17. Sign-ups for this second beta close on February 11, so be sure to get your name in ASAP.

This second beta will feature an "enhanced version" of the one-hour slice of gameplay that was previously featured in the first beta, although we're not sure what "enhanced" features we'll be seeing this time around. However, you can bet that gamers will be seeing a bit more this time around, as opposed to what they saw last month.

Furthermore, Maxis also unveiled a new trailer showing off the Limited Edition version of SimCity, and if you pre-order it, you'll get the Heroes and Villains expansion pack for free. The expansion pack, which is only compatible with the Limited Edition version of the game, allows you to add organized crime and superheroes to your city, so who knows, maybe you'll create the next Gotham City?

SimCity will officially be released for Windows in North America on March 5 and in Europe on March 7. A Mac version will also be coming to stores as well, but it won't hit shelves until the spring. Cross-platform play will be supported with the game, so you'll be able to play against your friends using different platforms.