SimCity for Mac arriving later this month, hoping for a smoother launch

We knew SimCity for Mac would be arriving at some point when Maxis and Electronic Arts announced the news earlier this year, and finally, after seeing a delay past its initial June launch, Mac gamers will be able to get their grubby little hands on the game starting on August 29, just six or so months after the PC version was released under pretty bad circumstances.

You may remember when SimCity first launched back in March — it was pretty horrendous. EA's servers kept crashing due to the high demand, which meant that the midnight release of the game saw a swarm of gamers unable to download the game. Some were able to download and install it, but were unable to actually play due to a host of server errors.

Obviously, this upset the SimCity fan base quite a bit, and it essentially was insult to injury for Electronic Arts, which had a history of not being very popular amongst gamers, thanks to the company's strict DRM policies. The botched SimCity launch didn't do anything to help that.

Electronic Arts eventually got everything back to working order and even gave a free game to those affected by the outage, but it's certainly something that avid SimCity fans won't forget, much like that blizzard that hit your local town back in the 70s. While we're sure that EA would love to forget that it ever happened, it's probably something that they'll never forget as well.

Here's hoping that the Mac launch goes smoothly, which we wouldn't be surprised if it does. Electronic Arts has had a few months now to fix their server issues and get everything back in order, and while there is a small group of dedicated Mac gamers ready to play SimCity, we don't think the demand will be anything too chaotic this time around.