SimCity for Mac arrives for download through Origin

SimCity has been released for Mac. Details of the release have been shared on the SimCity Blog where they begin by thanking those who waited patiently. Of course, that refers back to those earlier release delays. The good news as of today is that SimCity has indeed arrived for Mac and it is available as a digital download from the Origin website.

More to the point here, SimCity for Mac is only available as a digital download. Further details here talk about how when you purchase SimCity you are granted access to both the PC and Mac versions. Basically, this means if you already own a physical copy of SimCity for PC, the Mac version is just a download away.

The other good news with these two versions being tied so closely is that users will be playing on the same servers. Or in simpler terms, friends will be able to play together regardless if they are using a Mac or PC. And for better or worse, this also means moving forward both versions will get game updates at the same time. Aside from the availability of SimCity for Mac, there was also some talk of recent updates.

Nothing new for today, however SimCity has gotten several updates over the past few months. Specifically, it was said the game received seven major updates as well as some smaller fixes and improvements. The most recent, Update 7, brought focus to traffic improvements and added a raise/lower road tool. Update 7 also added a houses of worship set.

The road tool means the user will be able to raise and lower the roads. Putting this another way, users can now build bridges and tunnels and also now have more options when it comes to traffic control. Finally, the houses of worship set includes four new buildings. These are all free to place and while they do not require any maintenance, users will be limited to four buildings in a city.