SimCity creator calls latest launch woes "inexcusable"

The SimCity series was first launched in 1989 and was created by game designer Will Wright. However, the man who built the series wasn't a part of the latest SimCity launch that took place earlier this year. Instead, he sat back and watched the show, but it obviously was a bit painful to watch, and Wright wan't too thrilled about how things went.

However, when speaking to, Wright says that he "feels bad for the team," but predicted that there would most likely be some backlash based around DRM issues and complaints. Wright says that the launch fiasco was "basically inexcusable," and paying $60 for game that you can't play it will obviously cause a lot of outrage, and Wright certainly understands that.

Then again, Wright says that the new game is "good," and he enjoys "playing it a lot," but the launch was pretty much a disaster for Electronic Arts. Even if the game publisher finally fixed all the issues with the game, the memory is still there of the time that you couldn't access the game that you paid big money for.

In a slightly-related note, Electronic Arts will be sending out an update for SimCity sometime this week that will address a handful of issues. The update tweaks traffic routing, phantom air pollution, stuck school buses, and stuck university students crossing roads. Other updates include a slew of new items, as well as some audio fixes.