SIM2's Grand Cinema C3X 1080 - Sexy and powerful, a dangerous combination

If you can't have anything but the best for your home entertainment center, why not get a projector that doesn't just perform well, but also looks awesome?

This new Grand Cinema C3X 1080 projector from SIM2 definitely isn't lacking in the looks department. When you pop the hood (or just turn it on) you'll realize that while looks aren't always everything, this one also has it where it counts. It uses TI's DarkChip 4 to bring you the best possible picture which includes over a billion on-screen colors, a 10,000:1 contrast ration and full 1080p.

If it looks this good and performs this well you know it's going to set you back a decent amount. The Grand Ciema C3X 1080 clocks in at just under $30,000 and is available in red or green.

SIM2's Grand Cinema C3X 1080 Projector takes the Ferrari route [via bornrich]