Silver PS2 Shiny, Soon to Be Outdated

Benjamin Nied - Oct 31, 2006

Given Sony’s recent displays of mental instability, it’s nice to see that they haven’t forgotten about the one thing keeping the gaming department afloat right now; the PlayStation 2. Although it’s much more powerful (and much harder to find) sibling is about to see release in a few weeks, there are still plenty of reasons to love your PS2; Final Fantasy XII and the upcoming God of War II are two examples. In that regard, Sony has announced a special-edition PS2, in shiny, shiny silver, that will retail for the same as the normal PS2 ($129.99). The package, aside from the new paint job, is your standard run-of-the-mill PS2 package; console, 1 Dual Shock 2 (better save this bad boy), composite cables, and power cable. So, if you’re looking to get someone special a console that isn’t going to cost and arm/leg/pint of blood, and neither Microsoft or Nintendo’s offerings seem all that appealing, keep in mind that the PS2 is still alive and kicking.

[via Gizmodo]

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