Silk LED light bulb promises to bring the sun inside

Saffron has introduced its new Silk LED light bulb, and unlike some of its competitors that allow users to play music or set it to different colors, the Silk bulb has a more utilitarian purposes: it is designed to "bring sunlight inside", says the makers, combating the problems of artificial lighting. While artificial light has big effects on one's internal clock, the Silk light adjusts its lighting colors automatically over the course of the day to mimic the sun.

Says Silk's makers, warm light brings relaxation and rest, while the cooler (blue) light in mid-day is more energizing. Put, for example, a cool light late at night, and it is going to mess with your internal clock and could have numerous effects, like insomnia or mood changes. Silk tries to combat this by presenting the right color during the appropriate times of the day.

There's a bridge for connecting to the home's WiFi network, and the bulb doesn't require any "babysitting", according to the makers. Existing light switches can be used to control the Silk light without having to modify them; Silk can be used like a regular light bulb when needed.

Saffron is seeking $100,000 USD in funding on Kickstarter where it has currently raised about $19,000 USD with 41 days remaining. The Early Bird Special is still available for a $99 USD pledge; shipping will be $20 for international buyers. Shipping to backers is set to start in January 2016.