Silicon Image's InstaPort promises sub second HDMI switching

If you have multiple HDMI sources connected to a pre-pro, switcher or TV display, have you ever noticed the rather irritating lag time during switching? I do, I have a desktop display that take about 10 seconds then display a failed HDCP authentication message (it works nevertheless) on the screen every time I turn the TV on. On my Home Theater setup, I have five HDMI sources connected to a Preamp processor. The lag time varies from 3 to 5 seconds, better than the LCD display but could definitely improve with the InstaPort from Silicon Image.

With Silicon Image's InstaPort technology, HDMI access time can be further accelerated and shaved the lag time down to less than a second! The company explains the InstaPort authenticate HDCP process instantaneously and simultaneously when the devices are connected, not when the input is selected.

The company also says InstaPort be featured in Samsung's next generation TV displays and is currently under evaluation at nine of the top ten HDTV manufacturers for next year's models.

[Cepro via Silicon Image]