Silent Hill: Downpour Details Emerge

A couple of days ago, we reported that the eighth entry into the Silent Hill series would be called Downpour, and that water would be playing a big role in the game's mechanics. Published by Konami, Silent Hill: Downpour is bringing back fan-favorite features, as well as including a big addition to the series that may breathe a breath of fresh air into the long-standing series.

In the title Silent Hill: Homecoming, players were actually able to control the camera, moving it around when they needed to. Because of that, many people believed that the title was not as "claustrophobic" as previous releases, and therefore the fear was gone. And for a survival horror title, losing the fear that people experience while playing it means that a huge mark has been missed. According to MTV's Multiplayer Blog, developer Vatra Games has chosen to go back to the franchise's fixed-camera system. This should help scary moments return to Downpour, after the brief absence they've made through the last few titles.

But, the big addition to Downpour, according to Design Director Brian Gomez, is going to be sidequests. Vatra Games has apparently chosen to include additional "quests" that players will be able to take the main character on, if they choose to do so. It should open the town of Silent Hill even more than what we've seen in the past, and give more of a glimpse into the town's history. Or, it could just be quests focused on the main character, and showcase more of his story.

As for the new main character, his name is Murphy Pendelton, but there's no other details regarding him, or why he has shown up at Silent Hill. More details should hit in the coming weeks.

[via G4TV]