Silent Guardian pain ray gun gets tested by journalist

Why is it that these journalists are always willing to jump in front of all these non-lethal weapons? This past year it was all the new tazers they came out with, now its military and police riot control weapons, how dumb are these guys?

Regardless, another one of them was willing to hop in front of the Army's latest, a ray gun not of death, just intense pain. Its called Silent Guardian, and they hate it when you call their ray gun a ray gun. It has a range of half a mile, which means you should be able to see it just before it brings you to your knees with so much pain some Excedrin just won't cut it.

It only goes one sixty-fourth of an inch deep, but what it does at that depth cause an immense amount of pain. It works kind of like a micro wave sending beams of radiation that penetrate your skin and literally get on your nerves. The journalist said it hurt his finger, I say, if the Army says it will hurt, I believe them, I don't need to find out first hand, because personally I have no intention of being on the business end of any of the Army's weapons. As a journalist, if I wanted to find out how much this hurt, I would wait till they implemented it, and then go to the jail and ask someone.

Journalist Test Drives The Pain Ray Gun [via Slashdot]