Signal on iOS gets a data transfer feature for new device owners

Encrypted messaging app Signal now features the ability to transfer data from the app on one iPhone to another iPhone, making things easier for users when they upgrade their devices. The feature doesn't compromise one's security, Signal notes in its announcement about the feature, which started rolling out to iOS users days ago. The transfer can be performed using an iPhone or iPad.

Everyone upgrades their devices eventually, but doing some comes with a bunch of hassle. This burden has diminished over the years as companies introduce data-transferring tools, but the nature of encrypted apps makes it — in most cases — impossible to move your data from one device to another.

Signal has addressed that by adding a new data transferring tool that doesn't impact the platform's security, but that enables iOS users to keep their data when upgrading to a new iPhone or iPad device. The process is simple and performed locally, according to Signal. But you'll need to keep your old device to pull it off.

The company explains the full transfer process on its announcement post here, but put simply, users will be prompted to transfer their data after registering their Signal account on their new iPhone or iPad. The process merely involves scanning a QR code and then waiting for the data to be shuttled from the old device to the new one.

After the data has been fully transferred to the new device, Signal explains that the app on the old device will wipe the data. Users can immediately start using their Signal account on the new device with all of their data available. The feature joins a similar one that is already available to Android users.