Sigma Sigzilla APO 200-500mm F2.8 gets Nikon release

Remember the Sigzilla? An earth-green Sigma APO DG line-up with unprecedented World's first Ultra-Telephoto zoom lens at 200-500mm F2.8? The behemoth of 35mm lens ever built is now made available for Nikon-mount.

If 500mm is still too short for your subjects, Sigma preps an 1.4x 2X Apo teleconverter to extend its focus distance to 400-1000mm at effective aperture of F5.6. Overall, the Sigzilla is the fastest Autofocus 500mm at F2.8 ever built, but 200mm short of Canon's EF 1200mm at F5.6.

But hang on there for a minute, Nikonian. Don't get too excited renewing your weapon permit or get your your sniper scope serviced right away; the alternate mount is as expensive as the previous releases. The 33-pound Super-tele zoom is available on a limited-quantity and special order though Sigma dealers only. If you think the Nikon D3X is expensive, you can't afford the $34,000 Sigma.