Sigma Design SoC SMP 8644 to rival PS3 Blu-Ray loading time

Last week we took a peep at the impressive Sigma Design SMP 8664, we have no doubt the feature-rich SoC is outstanding with potential to dominate next generation IPTV, IP cable set-top boxes and Blu-ray players. What didn't get mentioned was the multi-core media processor also boasts the frustrating Blu-ray loading time; on par with PS3 at last!

I'm not sure about you, I have tested several Blu-Ray players before, and none is capable of PS3's cell processing speed when it comes to disc loading. A heavy BD-J enhanced interactive menu can take up to minutes of loading time. A demonstration is currently being held at CEATEC Japan with Sigma Designs shows off their latest SoC SMP 8644 and here's what Ben from has to say.

"on par with that of the previously unrivaled PS3. This already lightning-fast load time can be improved upon as faster BD drives are made available"

Also mentioned was the 8644 ability to render java-based graphics and menus at faster speed. These are areas remain to be improved from Blu-ray players, not vital but worth mentioning.